Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you use film?

First and foremost, aesthetics. Film simply produces a more beautiful image. Secondly, it aligns with the values of new minimalism; film produces a few gorgeous objects to be treasured, rather than a heap of megapixels to be consumed and discarded. Finally, rarity. Having your portrait taken is an incredibly special event, using film further removes it from the context of our daily, cellphone picture saturated, experience.

What is the investment?

Packages vary in value based on each client’s needs. Client’s typically spend between $350-$1,250.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Rachel Sima Photography exists to serve and delight. Therefore, in the event a client were displeased with his/her shoot, it would be completely redone, free of charge.



How do I book a session or inquire about an idea?

For all questions e-mail or use the contact form. If you’re ready to reserve your session, book here.