I’m Rachel Sima Castro, the solopreneur behind Rachel Sima Photography. I’m a fine art portraitist who shoots film photography exclusively. I’m enamored with femininity in all its presentations. Subsequently, I specialize in categories of portraiture that place female subjects center stage: maternity, family, bridal and boudoir.

I live in Northern California with my husband, toddler and Great Dane. We’re recent transplants from Brooklyn, New York. My husband and I share a favorite hobby: discussing how mind-bogglingly adorable our daughter is. We routinely spend an hour on it after she goes to bed at night.

I’m always studying a new topic. Psychoanalysis and art are long time favorites. I have two Masters Degrees (one in Education and the other in Fine Arts) but I’d have eight more if education was free.

I taught full time for my first decade out of college. Working with young people is a second nature to me now, and my experience is a huge advantage during family sessions with loads of kids or toddlers.

I get described as bubbly and animated a lot. I speak quickly, laugh quickly, read mostly non-fiction, and listen to a lot of podcasts. As a new Californian I’m also getting into hiking and exploring the outdoors.

If you have any questions about or for me: e-mail me! My email address is (or you can hit the contact button below.) I’d love to connect. You can also learn more about Rachel Sima Photography on the blog: here.