I’m Rachel Sima Castro, the solopreneur behind Rachel Sima Photography. I live in downtown Sacramento with my husband, baby girl and Great Dane.

I’m a grown-up girly girl, with a feminist soul. I specialize in categories of portraiture that place female subjects center stage: maternity, family, bridal and boudoir.

My idea of a good time looks like mommy/baby playdates at the river, pouring over Kinfolk magazine, and planning a party.

I have two Master’s Degrees (one in art and the other in education.) I taught full time for my first decade out of college. I adore working on collaborative creative projects (which goes a long way towards explaining how I ended up a portrait photographer.)

If you have any questions about or for me: e-mail me! I’d love to hear your ideas about how we design your perfect portrait session, unlike anyone that has ever been done before.

My email address is (or you can hit the contact button below.) I’d love to connect. You can also learn more about Rachel Sima Photography on the blog: here.