Wet N Mild: A Review of Winter in Sacramento


Let’s discuss winter in Sacramento. Like so many eager Amazon customers, I may have just opened this thing, but I’m ready to review. Here’s the deal, so far, with winter in Sacramento.

  1. It’s mild. You’ll probably want to wear a jacket, but you may leave the house, get into the car, drive to a location, get out and walk in before you realize you didn’t put one on. On a sunny day, you can grab lunch outside. Which brings me to my next point.

  2. It’s wet. Puddles, rainstorms and drizzling for days at time, seemingly to offset the unrelenting blue skies of the summer months.

  3. It’s still green. In fact, many of the trees are coming into bloom in January. Bonus: a lot of the trees you never paid much attention to before, reveal themselves to be lemon, orange or grapefruit trees.

  4. Breweries and wineries make up at least 50% of the things to do in Sacramento. If you, like us, are observing “dry January” you’re basically left with hiking and coffee as the sole remaining activities.

  5. The street is piled high with leaves. In Sacramento, rather than put the enormous quantity of leaves (it’s not called the City of Trees for nothing) in bags, we’re encouraged to just rake or blow them directly into the street. At some point a large truck comes by and (noisily) collects them. It seems to me that this system isn’t going to hold up long given the influx of people to Sacramento but, for now, we have room for both the piles of leaves and parking to co-exist comfortably.