An Embarrassment Of Riches

Are you on DePop yet? I just created an account. It’s a “global marketplace” (read: resale clothing) that feels like Instagram made a mid-life career change and became eBay.


If you decide to give it a whirl, you can find me @acuratedself. We’ve been in Sacramento a year now, and it’s safe to say we’re not leaving any time soon. Thus, I’m reselling all the luxury clothing I no longer have a place, or will, to wear. Have you ever heard the phrase, “an embarrassment of riches?” That nicely describes the quantity of designer clothing in my closet.


This apparel deserves to be worn by a 20-something, someone paying a fortune for a tiny apartment with roaches because location, location, location. She understands that every trip to the local bodega is, also, a scene, a chance to be discovered, a cat walk, and a competition, among people in the know. She needs this Alexander Wang dress now.

Rachel Sima CastroComment