My Safeguard Against Regret


How do you prioritize what is truly important in this life? For me, the most important thing is the time I share with my family. I became a photographer because I believe that putting my energy, money and time into creating permeant artifacts from these moments we share is, by far, the most important investment I could be making in my future.

I know I can't hold onto Delphine's babyhood forever. However, I can build this collection of photos and ensure the sharpness of these memories won't blur into abstraction.

If you agree, but haven't poured the years of education and thousands of dollars of equipment into photography that I have, use me to preserve these essential histories. I'm confident no parent, in the history of all time, has looked back on baby or family photos and thought, 'wow, I sure wish I hadn't captured these.'

If money is concern, consider booking a fall mini session to capitalize on the financial value. You’ll get a session, a print, and even an album, for less than standard session.

Rachel Sima CastroComment