5 tips for taking Gorgeous Back-to-School Photos of Your Littles


Most of my Back-to-School memories are of picking out school supplies, carefully selecting a Lisa Frank folder, or a pack of mechanical pencils. I recall taking them home and packing them neatly into a crisp new backpack. By the end of the year that backyard would have gum, mysterious stains, crumbled worksheets, and leaky pens decomposing at the bottom. But Back-to-School season is a time when, every year, everything feels fresh and possible.

It’s now a common practice to take photos of children to commemorate their first day of the school year. What I love is what a wonderful collection it will create, for both as the child and the parent, to look back on years from now.

Unfortunately, the quality of those photos could, in many cases, stand to be improved. Below are a list of tips to get the very best Back-to-School Pictures.

  1. Don’t Rush: September, not the exact first day of school, should be your timeframe for taking this image. Your child isn’t going to look any different on September 3rd than September 27th. Rushing to cram photos in on the actual first day of school is a recipe for a rushed photo no one enjoys making, or looking at.

  2. But Don’t Delay: That said, pick a day in September and do it. If you wait too long, i.e. until the following month, you’ll likely have missed the moment.

  3. Choose expressive light: Bring your child outside to your front yard or porch to take the photograph. Find a space where the light falls beautifully around your child, but doesn’t make them squint.

  4. Prepare: Pick your location, and any props in advance. Set everything up exactly as you’d like it, THEN go get your little ones. If you make them wait, as you set things up, they’ll likely lose patience, and you’ll get a photo that reflects their resentment.

  5. Hire a professional. I can make you a stunning professional portrait, and during the Back-to-School Mini Sessions, they’ll cost you less than a Back-to-School Target run! Interested? You can learn more about them here.


Rachel Sima CastroComment