#oursummeronfilm: The Project

Over at Instagram (find me at @acuratedself), I’m taking over hosting duties for an account called @oursummeronfilm. The account features the work, primarily, of those of us who identify as “film mamas.” That is, professional and amateur photographers, most of whom are, yes, mothers, (but some of whom don’t have children and/or don't identify as women.) All of whom shoot film photography.

Like many of the folks in our online collective, I’m participating in a personal project where I make one film photograph every day for the entire summer (cue my husband bemoaning the cost of film.) Notice that I didn’t say I was going to share a photograph every single day of the summer. In my mind, that’s a concept for a project, but not this one.

Katie Golobic  www.katiegolobic.com

Katie Golobic www.katiegolobic.com

What I am really enjoying, is sharing photographs of other photographer’s #oursummeronfilm projects. I’ve included some beautiful examples from the last couple days to inspire and delight you.

Rholinelle Joy DeTorres    thejoyfulfoodie.com

Rholinelle Joy DeTorres thejoyfulfoodie.com

Melissa Summers  www.msummersphoto.com/blog/
Stephanie Bryan  stephaniebryanphoto.com

Stephanie Bryan stephaniebryanphoto.com

Head over to Instagram to enjoy more photographs from this project at @oursummeronfilm. You can find me at @acuratedself & @rachelsimaphotography.