I'm giving away $150 in May


Lest you forgot, the solo exhibition of my photographs, Sulking Room: Boudoir & the Female Gaze, opens tomorrow (6-8 p.m. at the Broad Room.) I’m hoping this show will inspire my fellow NorCal ladies into fits of self-love, and just in case my dreams are realized, I don’t want the boudoir price tag to be a barrier. Therefore, I’ve decided to offer a $150 discount off boudoir sessions booked in May.

If you come to opening, you’ll receive a physical gift certificate, but I’ve decided to extend this offer even to those folks who can’t make it Friday, but are ready to get boudoir pictures taken sometime this spring or summer, and are down to make the commitment this May. The celebratory discount will expire May 31st, the same day as the show.



We’ll shoot for about an hour: at a dreamy river access point or in my home studio (where I have champagne, and luxury lingerie and all the film stock piled.)

Within 15 days of your session, you’ll receive an online gallery of all your gorgeous images ready to download or print.


Full sessions begin at $350, therefore, with the May discount, the investment is $200 & includes all the digital downloads.

If you haven’t decided what Mother’s Day gift to buy yourself: THIS IS IT. If you’re holding back because you’re wondering, “am I thin enough, curvy enough, beautiful enough, young enough, fit enough, sexy enough and/or brave enough?” This is your opportunity to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be, and embrace who you are.

Let this be the first step.

Book it here.