HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR FAMILY PICTURE (in a way other than "up.")


If you saw the post in which I styled Delphine for her second birthday, you know when dressing up, I flatly refuse to spare a single frill. That said, it’s all about duality. My favorite alternative to the supremely girly, cupcake flavored lipgloss of clothing labels Tutu Du Monde is animal inspired clothing, such as this furry suit from The Animal Observatory. Toddlers really straddle the line between tiny people and bizarre pets. One minute they’re exuding their unique humanity, and dazzling you with their newfound use of language, the next they’re eating deer poop, or trying to crawl under the car. Remember those fairies from The Labyrinth that bit? Sometimes they’re those too. It just feels right to dress them in way that’s speaks to their hybrid version of civility.


The next time you dress your family for their photograph, why not consider dressing the little ones in (faux) feathers and fur? In fact, dig further and choose an animal that corresponds with his or her most recent personality profile. Is she a snuggly, clumsy thing? Then something that evokes a baby bear is really much more expressive than jeans and sweater. The primary purpose of the portraiture, at least the kind I’m after, is to tell the story of the subjects through visual expression. Forget “boys wear collared shirts with sweaters on top” and let the idea of your child guide your sartorial choices.

Rachel Sima CastroComment