How to Prepare for Boudoir, Part 3: Attire and Objects

These boudoir preparation posts appear as a series for clarity and brevity. If you missed it, check out the first post, How To Prepare for Boudoir, Part 1: Intention and How to Prepare for Boudoir, Part 2: Details.


“Attire, yes, but… objects?” Let me explain. I encourage boudoir clients to bring a meaningful object, in addition to, or consisting of, their floral accessories and/ or handwritten letter.

I’ve done boudoir shoots that included paper machie ornaments, favorite tarot decks, and decadent vintage costume jewelry. The space for your shoot will be intentionally neutral, and chosen objects and accessories fill in the visual space with links to your history, and a connection to your intention.

Socialite Katalina Hicks once commented, “fashion is our chosen skin- the way we choose to present ourselves to the world. For many, it can come to represent the artistry of oneself.”

Consider your “chosen skin” as you select your boudoir attire. How can you best express your essential self through your choices?

Finally, don’t be afraid of duality! A full shoot is plenty of time to transition from retro inspired high-waisted panties paired with nude, center back seam stockings to a strappy black barrette that hints at fetish.