THAT GLOW: a maternity session in Oakland's Lake Merritt Neighborhood


Mid-way through our session, a tour of the couple’s favorite Lake Merritt spots in Oakland, Dorothea posed an important question for me: “how do we know each other again?”

We met in our late teens/early twenties and stayed connected, in the way people do, via social media. It took a little searching but eventually we narrowed down how we met to Young Chicago Writers. “I never get a chance to write anymore.” She said. “Well, I do a lot of legal writing.”


“I think the last time I saw you, it was actually at an underwear party in Chicago. Like, in a big loft.” I remember the event vaguely but fondly.

“Oh yeah!” She laughed. Her husband glanced over, curious. “Actually, that was MY underwear party!”

Although it’s obvious times have changed for this beautiful, married, professional, soon-to-be mother, she still exudes a joviality and sparkle I remember about her from over a decade ago. It’s the kind of whimsy that would prompt a person to throw an underwear party, or have her maternity pictures taken over donuts.


As they pose for photographs, her husband starts making silly faces behind her, and I feel sure these are going to be the most fun, loving parents of all time.


There’s something else I want to share, which I hope I don’t embarrass my husband. When I showed him this gallery of photographs his eyes welled up with tears because, “they’re so in love!” And that’s the most accurate, profound and real observation of them all.