Go Big *and* Go Home: How to Print and Display Your Photographs

You did it! You had professional photographs taken. You shopped photographers, organized a date, paid a session fee, planned outfits, hairstyles, accessories, got everyone to the location on time, looking great, posed and laughed. Now all you have left to do is post those photos on Facebook, kick back and let like the likes come rolling in, right? Almost.

The typical Facebook scroller is going to spend, literally, second [sic] on your carefully crafted family portrait, before moving on. Why not get more for your investment? For example, a sweeping, deeply personal piece of art that will inspire and delight you thousands of times a day.


I give you this example from my own life. This huge photograph is hung up on our bedroom wall. I look at it every morning when I wake up. I discover, and rediscover, the things I like about it every time I see it. Each time, I swoon anew at my daughter’s teeny, toast colored toes and my husband’s loving gaze. It gives me a “how lucky am I?!” wave of gratitude to start, and end, every day. Let’s call it my daily gratitude practice, except I don’t even have to write in a journal or sit on a pillow. I just have to open my eyes and I’m there.


It might not be necessary to go as big as I did. The crucial factor is your space. An 8 X 10 print might be perfect for an unusual corner in your bathroom, but won’t make sense centered on your living room wall. You’ll also want to consider how you use the spaces in your home, and where your eye naturally rests in your most inhabited spaces. If you’re not sure what to do with photographs from our session, reach out to me! Not only would I be happy to discuss with you, I would absolutely come to your house and help you think it through in person!