Two Film Photographers on a Hill: a Corona Heights Portrait Session

As I was writing the title of this post I worried it sounded like the beginning of a knock-knock joke, "two film photographers walk onto a hill..." but it DID happen.


I recently had the pleasure of photographing fellow film photographer Tatiana Johnson, and her youngest son, at the top of Corona Heights Park (formerly, and in my opinion more appropriately, named "Rock Hill" for obvious reasons.) Corona Heights is one of my favorite spots to shoot portraits in San Francisco. The sweeping panoramic view of the city, the movement created by the wind whipping around our heads, and all the craggily terra cotta bedrock is so surreal. It looks like a hunk of Mars protruding out of a hilltop.


It was also my first portrait session since officially relocating to California. Yes, you heard it here first (maybe) I'm now a northern California based photographer (read: person.) There are a lot of reasons I'm really excited about this transition personally, but I'm absolutely thrilled professionally. I'm falling in love with the Mediterranean quality to the light, the ease with which you can slip from one entire climate/environment to another via a simple car trip, and of course the diversity of visual backdrops for photoshoots. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorite locations with you as I explore this handsome and sprawling state. In the meantime, I suggest heading over to amazing Solvang Film Photographer Tatiana's Website if you want to check out some gorgeous, really unique work.