How to Effortlessly Print your Photographs

fine art family photography by Rachel Sima Photography

In yesterday’s post, I shared why you must print your photographs. Today, I’ll share some tools to have those prints made easily and well.

First let’s review the tiny, technological bundle of solutions that are apps.


Apps & Sites

  1. Ink Cards: this app was a complete game changer for me. I had always found thank you cards to be excruciating. The address and card procuring, the stamp purchasing, the attempting to personalize, plus the endless forgetting to actually put the card in the mail- it all felt penalizing. Since downloading this app I enjoy sending cards. I personalize each one with a photograph the recipient will love and potentially even save. You can send one for free here.

  2. Zno: this site stands out for affordability (they are perpetually running a sale.) My favorite Zno products are their “lay-flat hard page books.” The pages are colorful, glossy and hard. They remind me of a nice quality baby board book. I can’t think of a better way to share photos with the small, sticky handed members of your family.

  3. Artifact Uprising: this site/app offers products with unparalleled graphic design. The photo product world is particularly bogged down by ugly design options so this site stands out.

fine art family photography by Rachel Sima Photography

Your Photographer:

Before becoming a professional, I didn’t realize photographers have access to different printing companies than consumers. When you order fine art prints through Rachel Sima Photography you will receive beautifully handcrafted, archival prints rich in color, texture and quality. They are completely incomparable to consumer prints. I believe, having invested in professional portraiture you owe it to yourself to fully realize the photograph in print.

fine art family photography by Rachel Sima Photography