Fine Art Photography Versus The Real

I’m a fine art photographer at heart. I document real situations but I also pose my subjects, drag them into pools of light, direct their behavior, and move their furniture. I create photographs that adhere at least as much to my artistic interpretation of the moment as they do to the reality.


My husband often suggests I use the camera I have perpetually glued to my face to capture Real Moments. For example, when our daughter was born prematurely, I took careful photographs of her that hid the feeding tubes and monitors. She looked swaddled and sweet. What the photographs didn’t show was the cacophony of interventions that occur to a newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I remember thinking that because I wanted so intensely to get past those difficult days, I wouldn’t want photographs of that time. We return to those NICU memories often and I’m glad I ultimately took photographs that show a fuller scope of our experience.


The photograph above is from the Camp Fire Hazardous Air Quality Days in Sacramento.