The Gift of Boudoir

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Birthdays punctuate the monochromatic succession of our days, subdividing the amorphous landscape of our lives into conceptually manageable pieces. To this end, celebrating a birthday serves an important objective. It anchors the memory of that year.

We want to remember our lives, to be able to look back at our past and understand it’s narrative arc. Setting one day aside to acknowledge the year with a special experience serves that intention.


Historically, I’ve liked to travel for my birthday because the change in location is distinction enough to isolate the day in my mind (i.e. 26? We were in Rhode Island that year! We cooked those lobsters and then we were so horrified by how they rattled in the pot we couldn’t eat them, remember?)

Now I have a toddler, and a husband, and a schedule, and traveling isn’t always an option anymore. So, last year, I planned a little photoshoot for my birthday. The photographs weren’t for holiday cards or social media or work. The photoshoot was the celebratory birthday experience.


For your next birthday, or birthday gift, consider fine art boudoir, perhaps in lieu of another evening of dinner and drinks.


The boudoir sessions I offer are tailored to each client’s desires. They can be an extravaganza of professional florals, hair and make-up with champagne and luxury lingerie or a quiet hour in your home garden, barefoot in a cotton tee shirt. The choice is yours, and the options are limitless and personal.


A boudoir shoot won’t interrupt your schedule, require you to book a flight, or leave you painfully hungover. A boudoir shoot will create both a celebratory experience and also a beautiful series of photographs to cherish forever. In every way it will give to you more than it takes.


Are you ready to celebrate? If so, let’s book your session.